Wednesday, August 7, 2013

General FAQ

General FAQ (English):

Q: When is the game releasing/when is beta?
A: -There is no confirmed date yet beyond early 2011, but we will announce it on Facebook as soon as we know!
-We have run into some issues:
Notably Our provider has unexpectedly terminated their business. They did this with no warning to us, and caused all of our games' servers to crash during the weekend of December 11th/12th. We are searching to find a suitable replacement as quickly as possible. It has been frequently suggested that the DBO provider also host DMO -- naturally, were that an option, it would be done.
We want players to understand that while these problems are out of our hands, we are working to quickly bring you the game we promised and will work hard to keep as close to our original schedule as we can, but as of today we can no longer guarantee a January launch and we wanted to contiue to update our players about current plans.

Q: "I heard the game will be out on a certain date on a news site! Is it true?"
A: Several sites have been reporting dates for the DMO launch; these sites are driven by user-posted information and articles and are merely guessing at a date. The first place a date will be announced will be here and/or on the WeMade sites. We're glad to see everyone is excited about the launch, we are too!

Q: Will there be a beta?
A: Yes. Currently DBO players are guaranteed a spot if they have an account in good standing. We will announce the start here on Facebook and on Twitter.

Q: What is an "account in good standing"?
A: Any account that has not been closed or banned is in good standing, even if you have not played DBO or another WeMade game in some time. We will be taking into consideration accounts active in DBO right up to the day the beta starts, so if you are not a player, now is a good time to check it out ^^

Q: What is the website?
A: We will announce the website as soon as it is open.

Q: Which characters can I play as?
A: The three DATS members available at launch will be Thomas, Yoshino, and Marcus.

Q: Can I play any characters, like from other seasons?
A: Not currently.

Q: What about Keenan?
A: It seems Keenan has run off and nobody knows where he is right now...While he will not be available at launch, he will be later.

Q: Which Digimon can I start with?
A: Agumon (Raptor-1 version), Gaomon, and Lalamon

Q: Which Digimon evolutions do they have?
A: Several of their evolutions were announced already, but we're keeping a few more secret!

Q: Where's Falcomon?
A: He's with Keenan, of course! While he will not be available at launch, he will be later.

Q: What other Digimon can I capture?
A: We are looking to release a tentative list in the first week of January 2011. But for now, here's a sneak peek at some of the favourites we'll have (may not all be available at launch):
a) PawnChessmon (White)
b) Gabumon
c) Veemon
d) Guilmon
e) Biyomon

Q: If I play in Korea, can I bring those characters over?
A: No; it is two distinct versions of the game and they do not interact.

Q: Who can play this version?
A: Anyone in the world! DMO is a global game.

Q: Is this game on Facebook or will I need to download it?
A: Digimon Masters Online is a full game and will need to be downloaded and installed on your computer.